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Friendship day and some songs of friendship

August 3, 2012

This weekend being Friendship day, I thought I’d share some good songs and I dedicate them to all my friends who have always been there for me. I owe a lot to them. But for them, I am not sure where I’d be nor how sane I could be even!

Right from my childhood, I developed very deep friendships that just happened along the way. Time and again I kept meeting beautiful people in some way or the other – in person, via internet, in trains, buses, in colleges, schools, universities, at work, travels, etc. I must say I am truly blessed and thankful to all of those who impacted, shaped, cajoled, cradled and directed my life in myriad ways.

Fortunately the friendships I nurtured along the way, manifested with a blessing that I could never imagine. The importance and beauty of friendship shined in all its glory on me when I met with an accident that could’ve killed me but instead hurt me just enough to keep me alive (it was on Aug 27th, 2011 – almost an year ago).

I was going on a casual bicycle ride in the neighborhood of my then home in Sunnyvale, CA. I was riding north on Fair Oaks Avenue. A few blocks before the junction of highway 101, I was hit by a car. The driver did not notice me when yielding. My mistake was that I assumed she saw me and I continued riding when I saw her yielding to on coming traffic. The moment I was in front of the car, she started accelerating. The car hit my bike, and before falling down, I screamed “heeeeeeeyyyyyyy”. The moment I fell down I realized my arms may have been fractured. I couldn’t get up. I was conscious and recognized what happened to me. But, I couldn’t get up. Both my elbows and my left wrist were fractured. My knees got scraped, (left) shin lacerated, (right) big-toe sprained. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic in the lane I fell down (as you probably guess already). The only thing that made me happy was the fact that, I was alive, breathing well, and did not get any more hurt than already I have been.

This incident also made me aware of the unpredictably of our lives. My own eventual mortality hit me hard as well. I sometimes wonder what if I had gone kaput that day. That’s it, gone, never wake up again.  This reinforced my belief in being grateful and valuing people around me more than anything else.

So, for almost a month I couldn’t use my arms. And my left hand was in cast for almost three months. I took almost ten days to walk like I normally do. Friends came and cooked for me almost every other day, some brought food, some just sat with me talking all and sundry, some helped me with putting my clothes on, one buddy took me into his home and I stayed there for three weeks getting home care, and later I just ate at my cousin’s place every day until my casts came off. I always wonder how would have I managed without these beautiful people taking care of me. This is just one incident.

The sweetest voice I think is the voice of a friend assuring us hope and optimism when we are down and out…I can never forget those affectionate voices when my life went into a tailspin prior to this accident. That was the time when my marriage was on the rocks leading to separation eventually. I still remember those assuring voices that give me an occasional frisson even to this day.

It is interesting how David Brooks in his latest article in nytimes mentions how our lives are shaped by friends and mentors, and how important it is to give credit to them, a realization that usually comes in old age and the sentimentality associated with it in middle age might seem silly. Well, I perhaps realized a tad early and don’t feel embarrassed expressing this sentiment.

So, there are some beautiful songs on friendship that I’ve been listening. I thought I’d share those songs. I am posting youtube videos here. Feel free to add any touching songs or poems on friendship in any language you like as well. I’ve put in the lyrics as well.

Raising a toast to all my friends! Enjoy these songs my dear friends.

1. Bridge over troubled water (Simon and Garfunkel): Lyrics

2. So many friends (Francoise Hardy) : Lyrics

3. Why worry (Nana Mouskori): Lyrics

4. There is also a very good French movie called, “My best friend”. It is a great movie. I will write about it sometime.

I am sure all these songs express an emotion that you would agree with.


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