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Evaluation of Speech one

August 23, 2012

I am posting the evaluation of my first speech at Toastmasters in our Leuven Fonske chapter. For the speech, please refer to the previous post.

Main evaluator:

1. He mentioned he really liked my speech, preparation and the organization of the speech. He liked the way I ended with a poem. He felt it was very apt to the title. He liked the poem as the best part of my speech :-).

2. He however said I need to improve on the structure a bit more. There seemed too many different aspects and perhaps I could’ve contained them. He also mentioned I showed a bit of nervousness although by acknowledging that in the beginning I perhaps may have taken it to my advantage.

3. He liked the way I started by the philosophical conundrum and taking a spiritual tone. It seems he felt I took him on a meditation ride true to my name. He liked that fact that I was smiling great in general throughout the speech.

4. He also mentioned that I should’ve mentioned a bit more about my personal hobbies, – sports, hobbies, what I like, and what I don’t like.

5. He mentioned I could have been a bit louder. The fact that I did not use any script sheet was another aspect he liked – that I was well prepared. For improvements he mentioned that I focus more on structure and use pauses to stress my point and get the message across.

Other evaluators:

1. “Humurous, positive, interesting”

2. “uplifting, nice to listen, funny, attracted audience, good standing in front of people”

3. “Interesting building-up and very interesting content! Well prepared and did not seem nervous”

4. “Speechless! Please do send me your memoirs”

5. “I liked the choice of your words and phrases like – “glimpse of me”, “answers dawned on me”, “Vodka on the rocks” and that my addition to the Fonske group would add great value.

6. Relaxed and confident smile. Try to speak a bit clearer.

7. I really liked your speech. I liked your metaphors – specially the “vodka on the rocks”.

I requested another experienced speaker to tell me what he thought and I am summarizing his thoughts as far as I can recall.

1. The time was perhaps exceeded.

2. That I should not mention I was nervous. He liked my relaxed way I spoke and he thought I wasn’t nervous at all. He also mentioned that even if I am nervous I should not show it.

3. He liked the content of my speech very well. He felt that I really delved into depth and felt the content was not just run of the mill. He liked the spiritual tone and the humor as well. He liked the way I ended my speech with my poem.

4. When I walked in front to deliver the speech, I went ahead of being welcomed before the toastmaster of the evening actually inviting me. And then I apologized thinking I broke a rule or something. He said that was unnecessary. Here he gave me a very good insight. He said that my speech begins even before I walk to the stage. Sounding apologetic or admitting I am nervous (even if I really am), sends a wrong signal to the audience. Instead I should show supreme confidence. “One need not be apologetic to go onto the stage and speak”. Instead he mentioned that I could’ve told the toastmaster that in my enthusiasm to speak I came before being invited or something like that. That shows I am full of positive energy.

5. He also mentioned that there was a bit more content given the time limit. Ending on a high is better. If the time limit exceeds even a bit, then audience will start losing interest. And also he suggested I should pause and make the audience eager. For eg, before I recited my poem, he mentioned I could’ve said,. “So, who am I?” pause…and then read my poem. Building up anticipation is something I should learn is what he mentioned.

I think his point 4 is very true. I tend to be a defensive person and don’t appear that confident. In most of my projects – interviews to presentations, etc, I always tend to be a bit nervous and play the weakling a bit although I know I am capable. I think there is a bit of the fear of failure which I need to work on.


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