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The leader has arrived

September 2, 2012

“naraanaaM indraha narEndraha” (नारानाम इन्द्रः नरेन्द्रः,నరాణాం ఇంద్రః నరెంద్రః )  – The leader to take India forward has arrived.

The leader has arrived

When the words of the Gurudev,

Of liberty that he dreamed-

For long were lost, like a pilgrim

In the squalid narrow lanes of the city

Where death as a boon is deemed

-Now flow like the Ganges pure

Rejuvenating the wearied souls

Beneath the skies azure.

When freedom begins to gleam

Through the illusion that was,

The Mother that Emma conceived

Is born again in this land for the free

And the torch of liberty shines forth…


Do spare two hours of your time and follow the google+ hangout. His initiatives in tackling crippling issues and paving way for development of Gujarat are amazing.

There are many good insights:
0. A very humble soul and a charismatic personality. Got his fundamentals right. He has a great talent to connect to people.
1. On educational reforms: Focus on primary education and also training effective teachers.2. On rural development: Focus on development of rural populations3. On brain drain : An interesting perspective (follow the video)4. Innovative and dedicated ways to tackle female infanticide and the skewed male/female sex ratio.5. Agricultural reforms that he did

6. Uninterrupted power supply. When rest of India lives in darkness I guess Gujjus can party.

Same as most of the usual suspects can’t go beyond “Gujarat riots” and keep complaining wailing crocodile tears, while the progressive ones actually take the country forward. They live in perennial darkness. Can’t get out of it. Ironically they forget that the root cause of riots in general – which is years of mis-governance, resource fights, engineered scarcities, creating a divided society – have all been eliminated in his tenure. Development doesn’t discriminate. Everyone enjoys the fruits of it when the right policies are in place. But these pigheads can never get it. Gujarat has uninterrupted power supply – “but what about 2002 riots?”, Gujarat is and has been recording 10% growth in agriculture – “but what about 2002 riots?”, Gujarat improved in tackling male/female sex ratio – “but what about 2002 riots?”…

7. How he focused on developing all sectors equally and the interdependence of each sector. The deserted Kutch now seems like a thing of past.

8. His foresight into investing in solar. And the innovative practices to conserve energy and move into clean energy by forging and public/private partnership…

Worth your time.


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