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Weekend Reading

October 19, 2012

1. Solitude and leadership: One of the articles in my permanent bookmarks. A long article delving deep into the depths of leadership and thinking (taking clutter out of our mind). A long article. Read slowly but surely.

2. Ineffective anti-poverty programs: Discusses the issue of wasted programs and people’s money. Lot of times aid never reaches the right people. Bill Easterly (economist from NYU) used to maintain a blog where he documents and chronicles all aid related programs and their effectiveness (or lack thereof).

3. On time management: An interesting read. I believe though that time management becomes an issue if we don’t like what we are doing. If we thoroughly enjoy what we do, we normally enter the “flow zone” and things flow naturally…

4. Messiah of the tribals (hat tip: Soumya): This is about a man who dedicated his life for the upliftment of tribals in rural Karnataka. I am always at a dichotomy with the issues concerning development. One the one hand, policies matter a lot than someone single-handedly trying to change the whole world (at least in the case of average ordinary people like me). A policy mistake has huge implications on the lives of millions. It could drive millions into needless poverty. Can a man like Sudarshan counter the impact of such mishaps


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  1. Roli permalink

    On Messiah of the tribals – it also depends on your personal strength. Some folks are good at strategy, vision and policy, whereas others are good at execution. Neither is better than the other. One has to be part of the solution based on one’s own strength.

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