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Toastmasters Speech 2 Evaluations

October 26, 2012

1. My evaluation: I don’t think I spoke as good as I could. Perhaps lack of rehearsals was the issue. Couldn’t quite get my point across in a manner that could touch people and make them remember the speech. Besides, I made a poor judgment on the length of the script. I think I should restrict to 700 words for a speech to last 7 minutes. Mine came out 1000 words and I panicked when I saw the warning time come up. Next time I will strive to be better. I also had thirteen “ah” s in my speech per the “ah” counter! This is not a good thing.

2. Main evaluator: She mentioned I appeared very relaxed and confident. She liked the choice of the topic and the content. She also appreciated me not looking at any notes. She thought I achieved the objective with the structure right, smooth transitions and an appropriate beginning. However, she noticed that my hand movement was a bit mixed. Sometimes I folded my hands into each other and clasping my fingers as if I was nervous. And at one time I was gesturing very confidently with open hands. This mix was sending wrong signals about the state of my mind. The body language had to be improved. She also thought the conclusion was rather vague.

3. Other evaluators: 

a) Spiritual, interesting speech! Very relaxed presence. Suggests to move around a bit when I am introducing new parts into the speech. Basically improve my body language.

b) Beautiful story, excellent choice of vocabulary. Try to work on “vocal variety” to emphasize your thoughts.

c) Great structure, great use of English language, self confident but improve on timing

d) Great inspiring speech and completely without seeing any notes! Great content. Would like to hear more about Herman Hesse!

4. I sought the feedback of another experienced toastmaster (our division governor). She mentioned that she did not understand what exactly the point I was making. I should be more clear, make a note of what exactly I want people to remember, speak in a way that people could personally associate with the character of the story.


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