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Indian vegetarian food – poor people’s best choice?

October 29, 2012

I have been contemplating on this for sometime. I was reading an article in NY Times sometime ago written by a once upon a time welfare mother while she was also a student (a mother who was on welfare program). She mentioned that food cost her $75 a week. That is $300 per month!!!

I cook vegetarian (mostly simple south indian brahmin cooking) at home almost every other day. What I realize is that my food costs are extremely low. The expenses on my food never exceed may be $75 per month. And $75 is when I really go on spending on groceries a tad liberally. It is less than that. Perhaps like ~50 -60 on an average. It is the same now in Europe or in the US where I was living earlier. I noticed that Indian pulses and rice – main diet give the biggest bang out of the buck. For eg, a Kilogram of chick peas or Rajma costs hardly $3 or so. And I end up using it for months. A 100g of Rajma or Chick peas or any dal for that matter can serve two people. Vegetables and fruits are also very cheap. So cheap that I don’t really keep a tab on them any more.

When my friend was here the other day, I bought some chicken (yeah, he is a Bong and can’t live without non-vegetarian food). I noticed that 1kg of chicken is about ~4.5 Euros (in a reasonably cheap store but the quality is good). And it serves may be three people (or at the most four). So, in all those countries where people have a hard time spending on food, if they spend on Indian vegetarian food instead, life would be much better I would imagine.

Besides cooking veggie food is very quick too. All my cooking usually takes 1-1.5hr at the most.

Something to think about…


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