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Weekend Reading

November 23, 2012

1. The changing trends in personal choices of people with regards to marriage and its impact :  A research article in sociology on the changing patterns of people’s choices from all over the world.

2. A good article on Solar Cell technology  It is a bit technical though.

3. On passing of Bal Thackeray by Atanu Dey: This article is more about Advaita Vedanta than on Bal Thackeray. I have never read any explanation so simple and so lucid on the maya (illusion) and reality concept that most Hindus know about but don’t understand.

4. On Ron Paul’s retirement by Atanu Dey I followed the initial republican nominations a bit. I was rooting for Ron Paul then. Although I don’t have an in-depth understanding of Austrian economics (Von Mises and Hayek), I knew he belonged to that libertarian school of thought

Enjoy reading


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