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Toastmaster’s speech 3 review

December 16, 2012

I was voted the best speaker of that evening (among four other speakers). Over all the comments in general mentioned that they could take something home about from the speech.

My review: I felt much better in this one than my previous two. But, I noticed there are lot of improvements I need to do on my body language and delivery (needs bit more authority I think). My hand gestures and posture need significant improvement. When I saw the video of my speech, I felt like a long slender tree branch shaking in the wind! I went one minute over (need to still improving on timing). The number of aah’s came down to 3. So, am happy with that.

Main evaluator: 

1. Achieved the objective. Liked the quotes and examples. Share some personal experiences also for more impact.

2. Conclusion was rather brief and would’ve been better if the speech was wrapped up better. Then again – I did not time it right. Perhaps getting the audience involved twice is not a good thing as I lose time and can’t wrap up the speech right.

3. Improve the gestures

4. The speech missed pressing people for some action for creating more impact.

5. Overall, the organization of the speech was good and it achieved the objective.

Other comments:

1. Interesting topic. Good speech. Nice eye contact and no hesitations or aahs. Task to get the point went well!

2. Wonderful speech! Great content and a very very good delivery. Tempo (slower than usual) was just right. And your voice was amazingly clear.

3. Entertaining. Especially the beginning. A nice way to communicate a serious thing in simple understood words

4.Very entertaining, easy to listen. Don’t agree on the economics part. More arguments are needed. Important topic

5. Thank you for this inspirational speech and for reminding us real importance in life!

6. Incredible way of formulating ideas! Are there still aspects in which poor countries are “richer” than rich countries. (I will perhaps address this in another speech of mine).


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