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The gender biased laws of India

January 14, 2013

One of the fellow bloggers is documenting the gender non-neutral laws of India. At least one Indian male is taking this without being politically correct.

I recommend going through this and judge for yourself.

The anti-dowry laws are already in place and being misused (remember the fake heroine Nisha something sometime ago?) and god forbid if the current anti-rape law recommendations come through as is, having sex might become a crime if the woman just goes and complains to the police even if it was consensual otherwise. The knee jerk reactions and emotional decisions in the wake of recent gang rape case in New Delhi could cost Indian males a lot…For a country that claims to be the world’s largest democracy, these kind of biased laws make it a definite banana republic instead.

The anti-dowry law is brutal. The offence of dowry and rape are non-bailable and non-compoundable. And observe the conviction rate in these cases! That small truth tells it all. It is unbelievable that not many people are aware of this kind of non-sense. In one false implication, a whole life can be destroyed.

Two more organizations on this matter that need to be supported and appreciated.

Spare a thought for the men of India who are also abused by scores of women by the biased laws.


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