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The joy of being a global citizen

January 20, 2013

I saw this post from Atanu Dey’s blog. The poem by Tagore itself carries a beautiful imagery that paints a nice picture etched in your mind. What a beautiful imagery flowed through from Tagore’s pen; in streams painting the poetic landscape in a beauty unparalleled…

I saw the videos and was truly amazed. Matt Harding dances in all kinds of places around the world and the people around seem to pick up the positive energy alongside him.

In some sense, I could feel a deep sense of connection with the video. In the place where I work, there are more than seventy nationalities. Nepalese, Chinese, Italians, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Armenians, Americans, Romanians, Moldovians, Bulgarians, Belgians (of course), French, Ukrainians, Russians, Indians, Columbians, Brazilians…the list goes on. I feel like a global citizen as if I belong to all of these countries and these countries all belong to me. It is sometimes a blissful feeling when I contemplate on it for a bit. I am making some deep friendships here, as my life is being enriched more and more.

Whenever I run into an Italian though, I feel a special sense of kinship as my native language Telugu was called “Italian of the East”  by an English man named Charles Phillipe Brown who felt the two languages were similar in that their words end in vowels and perfect for lyrics. I like the way Italians speak English, fun to hear and enjoy hearing Italian as well.

The joy of being a global citizen…


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