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Weekend Reading

January 26, 2013

1. The facts about government spending (in the US): This gives a detailed distribution of how government spends its money. It is important to know where your tax dollars are going (and getting wasted).

2. India’s hunger problem: An interview of Mark Lynas (who was a strong opponent of genetically modified crops but is a strong proponent now). After 65 years of “independence” we still can’t solve the problem of people dying hungry in our homeland. He rightly points out, how the problems in India are very systemic and the founding principles of our nations should be challenged if it has to progress (italics my emphasis)

On another note though, I have doubts if world’s food production is less than required as he seems to mention. The total food production is enough to feed the entire world with minimum required calories per day (read the following article posted below for reference). Most of the food production is wasted (I will post the NY Times article about the wastage in food distribution in India later – enough of depressing stuff).

3.More than a billion hungry people in the world by economists Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee. A long article but some interesting insights into looking at poverty problem differently. BTW, they are offering a course through MIT-Active X on global poverty. I registered for it. If interested, do register yourself.


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