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Weekend Reading

February 1, 2013

1. Let us weep for Aaron Schwartz by Atanu Dey. These are the days when the most corrupt, despicably dishonest people are politicians occupying high offices while someone like Aaron Schwartz is a felon! The truth can’t be any more naked. 

2. The meaning of life and happiness (hat tip: Vishy Kuruganti via Facebook). I would recommend Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s search form meaning. I will post some thoughts of mine on this article later in a separate post. 

3. The legends of Silicon Valley: A series of portraits of the Silicon Valley greats by Rajan Parikkar (hat tip: Atanu Dey)

4. Mindfulness talk in TED by Andy Puddicombe (hat tip: Martin Jugmans). Only ten minutes of nothingness daily…really? How I wish. If I could do that, I will have fulfilled my name’s meaning 🙂


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