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Weekend Reading

February 9, 2013

1. Narendra Modi’s speech at SRCC, Delhi: One of the best speeches I’ve listened to in the recent past. Modi is really a powerful orator. I think this comes as a natural outcome of walking the talk. The conviction to speak with such authority doesn’t come easily. He is the only hope for India to move forward now. But, it may take an extra-ordinary amount of luck for this to happen. Like said, vote-bank politics have ruined India. 

2. My cousin Gaayatri’s music page: A prodigy in Hindustani classical music. Trained by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. The first time I listened to her singing was in her home. When my parents visited San Jose, we went to their home to see her grand parents. And while in the living room, I heard some mesmerizing voice singing some beautiful aalaaps and keertans. I asked her father if I could make a copy of that CD which was playing. Startled was he and told me in a humble feeble voice that her daughter was doing her daily practice. I was awestruck, dumbstruck, you name it. That moment I realized I was in the presence of greatness. Ever since I make sure I never miss a chance of going to her concert. 

Listen to the aalap as her web page loads. 

3. My Friend Mula Subrahmanyam’s short story in Andhra Jyoti (for Telugu readers): My good friend is a wonderful writer. I keep telling him that his stories are long poems instead. The imagery he uses is just perfect. And most of his stories reflect the one-ness of this world, one-ness of man and woman, a pristine stream of Advaita…

4. Secret ingredient of success: A good read…

Enjoy for this week 🙂


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