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Weekend reading

February 23, 2013

1. On Property rights by Armen Alchian. A great economist who died recently. A very lucid article describing what property rights are about. I think the innovation of property rights has been very crucial in human development. It is a simple yet so subtle that we can’t recognize the importance of it in our daily lives. In the documentary Commanding Heights, Hernando De Soto talks a bit about his work on Why capitalism fails elsewhere (basically in all third world countries) and he stresses the lack of solid property rights. 

Armen Alchian died four days ago.

2. On public goods: In gaining any understanding of income distribution and economic development, getting an understanding of public and private goods is fundamental. Now that I am following MIT course on Global Poverty by Profs Duflo and Banerjee, it is all the more important to give another review of it. The ideas of property rights and goods categorization go hand in hand. It is hard to get it first time (I still keep struggling to get a better understanding of it as I read about them again and again) but it is always enlightening to know who they impact human progress.

3. A well written article on life and death. Hat tip: Martin Jugmans via FB. I am not an integralist or know anything about it but the way this article is written – with its imagery and flow is beautiful. It is really a refreshing read. The language is so powerful.

4. A great blog/site to follow. Do follow this great resource folks – specially if you’d like to read and look for quality reading. 


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