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Weekend Reading

May 26, 2013

1. Reid Hoffman’s (Co-founder Linkedin) commencement talk: This is an awesome presentation. Regardless of the content, the use of visual aids in this talk is just amazing. I haven’t seen more effective use of visual aids as was done in this presentation. Now the wisdom in the content is also masterclass. No cliches, and I like his term competitive advantage. Yesterday I was listening to my friend Atanu on the idea of markets and how they (ideal markets) enforce specialization leading to eventual progress by forcing people to do what they can at best. One of those presentations to be in your permanent book marks.

2. Nassim Taleb’s discussion with David Cameron on financial crises: It is a bit technical but gives a small snapshot of the causes behind and the missed opportunities (right solutions) to the financial crisis that hit the world not too long ago. In one part, he argues why it is not healthy to have something or someone become too big to fail and the remedies should instead focus on that aspect rather than bailing them out.

3. A series of TED talks on creativity and inspiring the spark within: I plan to be done with them before the end of the day today…Finished watching two. Good insights there.


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  1. Roli permalink

    Agree about pretty good use of visual aids in Reid Hoffman’s talk. I think he is overplaying the networking part a bit. My personal experience, networking was a huge part of being an entrepreneur but when it came down to finding a job, it was just my skills that mattered. The TED talk link takes you to David Cameron talk 🙂

  2. Thanks for pointing out on the TED link. I corrected it. Networking definitely is essential. Of course you have to be competent as well (or networks won’t help). However, a good networking can always give you the edge. It helped me a lot and better still my networking helped others (forwarded resume of a lot of people who got jobs) and eventually this helps me in return in the long run…

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