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I am the word that eludes me

As I try to tune my life’s song

When in agony and ecstasy my heart cries out aloud

To write it all…

My life revolves around my work, my goal of understanding poverty and people. My work is growth of gallium nitride by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it (even I don’t!).  I’ve tried different paths in life (including considering to shift into religious studies long ago, or getting into Telugu literature, etc) and more recently I have been convinced that understanding poverty problem is my final frontier, my end, my liberation or enlightenment whatever you may call it. This goal lead me to seek an understanding of economics which has answers to the poverty problem. Understanding is only the first step. Perhaps I will do something about it once I understand it.

Economics is a study of people behavior and that’s where my passion for people arises. I like connecting to people, understand them, what makes them tick (or not tick), what is it that they value, their background, their dreams, their work, their siblings, their parents, everything and anything about them. I compulsively ask these questions when I meet some people akin to gathering information like a social networking site.

This blog would primarily be focused on some random thoughts about poverty, economic policies, my toastmaster speeches, about things I like, articles I read,etc with an underlying theme covering the three of my passions. I write this more for my joy. I seek feedback from any readers and open to being corrected in my thinking. Eventually it is all about learning.

I grew up in Visakhapatnam, India where I did my schooling. After my undergrad in Metallurgy, I moved to North Carolina State University in January 2000 and completed my PhD in Materials Science and engineering in 2005 December. Post PhD, I worked in Applied Materials until Oct 2010, then in a brief start up later acquired by Intermolecular until May 2012. Now I am in Leuven, Belgium working at IMEC since June 2012.

I had the fortune of traveling to London, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Belgium (Paris and Zurich while I was at it) when I was in Applied on business and personal trips. It was these travels that triggered an interest in finding an answer to why India is poor which has always bothered me for long. Not until I met a development economist who later became one of my best friends and mentors that my thinking and life changed (a story for some other time).

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